Accidental UNIX/Linux Sysadmin and programmer in too many languages. Operations Engineer at Alfresco.

Dad to two kids. Husband. Slow cyclist . Terrible guitarist . Geek. Record collector. Audiophile. "Mad Cat Lady". Catholic convert.


Open Source


I used to do lots of Open Source stuff between 1999 and 2002. You can find my code in the released versions of Pure-FTPd, Gnu Privacy Guard, official Exim 3 RPM spec, and more. I also used to have my own public patches for Cyrus-SASL, mod_auth_mysql amongst others. I also published Perl, JavaScript and other custom RPMs.


I am again allowed to publish open source software and you can see them on GitHub as well as many gists. I've often thought of writing a DNS Server, but it's never happened. A sketch of the design is available.

About this site

I've had a web site since 1994, and it has been on this domain since 2004. It has run on many technologies over the years. I used to list them here, but it was a long, and very boring list.



I come from the West Country of England, and went to the University of Bath. I now live in the Thames Valley.


I love riding a road bike: I commute on one (sometimes), and go out for longer rides at the weekend.


I play the guitar badly. Really badly.


The postings on this site are my own and do not represent my employer’s opinions.


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The original design is Dimension by HTML5 UP, available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Icons are from Font Awesome Pro .



I received all my degrees from the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath

  • BSc (hons) Mathematics 1992
  • MSc Symbolic Computation 1993
  • PhD Order Sorted Computer Algebra 1997

Areas of research

I'm mainly interested in pure maths, and by chance this has warped into an interest in many of the areas of computer algebra, and from there into the theory of object-oriented type systems.


Open Source Axiom

In 2003 Axiom became available under an open source licence (and has even forked) but I still haven't got around to adding anything to it.