world of nic



I was born in Devon and raised in a small village in Somerset (both in England), before the UNIX timestamp had reached 20,000,000. I went to the village primary school, a comprehensive school, a tertiary institution and then the University of Bath.


While at primary school, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, and after two years of chemo- and radiotherapy, that was it.


I love riding a road bike. Unforturnately doxorubucin (a.k.a. hadriamycin) has restricted the amount of power I can put out, which means I am very slow.


I play the guitar badly. There’s no medical excuse for this, I’m just terrible.


I do not speak for any of my employers - past, present or future. Nor do I speak for any club, society, trade union, political party, religion, co-operative, organisation or collective of any sort that I am or have been a member of, or have supported in any way.


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