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I used to do lots of Open Source stuff between 1999 and 2002. You can find my code in the released versions of Pure-FTPd, Gnu Privacy Guard, the official Exim 3 RPM spec, and more.

I also used to have my own public patches for Cyrus-SASL, mod_auth_mysql amongst others.

I published Perl scripts and some JavaScript and used to supply custom RPMs of some bits and pieces up until about 2006.

Recently I’ve been pushing modern trivial projects to my GitHub account and sundry bits and bobs as gists

I’m always thinking about writing a DNS Server, but it never happens. Perhaps I should just write up the design.


I like Ruby, Groovy and C#, but have but have most experience in the line-noise that is Perl. Amongst others, I’ve also coded professionally in C, JavaScript, Java, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL. Like most geeks I’ve played with a lot of other languages, too.


I’ve used Grails, Spring MVC, Rails, Microsoft Unity and played with Sinatra, ExpressJS.


Professionally, I work with AWS, but I like Google Cloud Platform and the streamlined simplicity of Firebase.


I’ve been an RHCE (RHEL 3) and I suppose I’m still an Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate (10g).

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Over the years I’ve used this to learn many languages, frameworks, databases and cloud providers. Here’s a list.